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Training a better loss function for image restoration.
Mustafa A.+, Mikhailiuk A.+, Iliescu A., Babar V. and Mantiuk R., 2021. (+) Equal contribution.
In: Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, 2021
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Active sampling, scaling and dataset merging for large-scale image quality assessment.
Mikhailiuk A., 2021.
PhD Thesis.

Consolidated Dataset and Metricsfor High-Dynamic-Range Image Quality.
Mikhailiuk A., Perez-Ortiz M., Yue D., Suen W. and Mantiuk R., 2021.
In: IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM).
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Active Sampling for Pairwise Comparisons via Approximate Message Passing and Information Gain Maximization.
Mikhailiuk A., Wilmot C., Perez-Ortiz M., Yue D. and Mantiuk R.
In: International Conference on Patter Recognition (ICPR), Milan, Italy. IEEE 2021.
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The effect of display brightness and viewing distance: a dataset for visually lossless image compression.
Mikhailiuk A., Ye N. and Mantiuk R.
In: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging (HVEI) 2021, online.
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A Perceptual Model of Motion Quality for Rendering with Adaptive Refresh-Rate and Resolution.
Denes G., Jindal A., Mikhailiuk A., and Mantiuk R.
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Disentangling Domain and Content.
Iliescu A., Mikhailiuk A., Wischik D., and Mantiuk R.
Preprint 2020.


From pairwise comparisons and rating to a unified quality scale.
Perez-Ortiz M.+, Mikhailiuk A.+, Zerman E., Hulusic V., Valenzise G. and Mantiuk R., 2019.\
In: Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) IEEE (+) Equal contribution.
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Psychometric scaling of TID2013 dataset.
Mikhailiuk A., Perez-Ortiz M. and Mantiuk R.
In: International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX) 2018. IEEE
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Deep Learning Applied to Seismic Data Interpolation.
Mikhailiuk A. and Faul A.
In: European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) 2018. IEEE
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Real-time pothole detection on TMS320C6678 DSP.
Mikhailiuk A. and Dahnoun N.
In: International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST), 2016. pp 123-128. IEEE
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