I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Snap, working on generative models for human faces. Before joining Snap I was an AI Team Lead at the KIRIN AI team, Huawei, Cambridge, specialising and leading teams in Machine Learning for Computer Vision and Video and Image Processing.

Before moving to industry, I was a Research assisstant and a PhD student at the Rainbow group, Department of Computer Science, University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Dr. Rafal Mantiuk. There my research was focused on applications of Machine Learning to a problem of efficient data collection and modeling human visual system.

Before joining Computer Lab I did an MPhil in Scientific Computing at the Physics department. During this time I was working under the supervision of Dr. Anita Faul on the dissertation entitled “Deep Learning and Parallelisation Applied to Seismic Data”.

I can be contacted at: firstname [dot] surname [at] gmail [dot] com